Our Variety

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Athena Cantaloupes

Some of the best tasting cantaloupes around! They have a juicy, sweet, orange flesh that makes you wish you'd bought more than one. Perfect for your summer cookouts and fruit salads!

Sweet Basil

Just give us some basil, a tomato from the vine, some good olive oil, a little salt, and fresh mozzarella.  This variety is perfect for pesto, too.

Cabbage: Early
Stonehead Cabbage

We plant cabbage in Spring and Fall - the Stonehead cabbage is a very firm, tight cabbage head. They average around 4-6 pounds, and this sweet cabbage is the perfect addition to your slaw, sauerkraut, and in any other dish you can dream up!

Cabbage: Red
Red Cabbage

Red cabbage is the perfect side to any dinner, whether cooked or raw. Also an extremely popular addition for your juicing purposes.

Packman Broccoli

Like our other cold weather vegetables, we plant broccoli twice a year - in the spring and fall. Packman broccoli yields beautiful, tightly packed heads and florets. Get it while we have it, because it's one of our best sellers!

Candid Charm

Beautiful, perfect white heads of cauliflower that are perfect for steaming, baking, in a soup and raw with your favorite dip. We plant two patches - one in the spring and the other in the fall.

Cucumbers - Dasher

A hybrid variety that yields crisp, cool 8" cucumbers. Perfect on your summer salad or sandwich - or just alone with a little pepper!

Imperial Black Beauty
This eggplant is the heirloom cousin to the type we most often see in the grocery store. These are often good for grilling because they hold their shape as they cook better than other varieties.
Clemson Spineless

Rich green spineless pods.

Crowder Peas

We plant multiple varieties of crowder peas - from the big, perfect Carolina Classic, to the smaller (equally tasty) Top Crop. Both are perfect, high protein additions to your dinner, and delicious when served over rice!

Pepper: Bell or Sweet
Banana Peppers

We grow 'em sweet and we grow 'em hot! These babies are the perfect addition to your fresh summer salad, some crunch on your sandwich or just as a side item for

California Wonder Bell Pepper

Beautiful, sweet peppers that can be eaten green, or once they turn red. They're delicious if eaten raw, or in your favorite stir fry.

Pepper: Hot
The cayenne pepper is the hottest one we grow - so for those in need of heat, steer towards these long, red peppers. They are also reported to have many medicinal benefits from increasing circulation to reducing stomach aches, cramping pains, and gas. Drying? yes. Scoville Rating: 40,000-90,000.
This popular pepper is named after the city of Xalapa, Veracruz where it is traditionally produced. Jalapeņos are known by different names in Mexico, such as cuaresmenos, huachinangos and chiles gordos. A chipotle is a jalapeņo that has been smoked. Drying? no. Scoville Rating: 2,500-10,000.
Better Boy
Medium to large size main season tomato with very good tomato flavor and excellent and uniform quality. Good for all uses.
Black Cherry

Sweet, robust, round tomatoes.  Color is almost black but the flavor is dynamic - much like an heirloom tomato.

Yellow Pear
Grown since the late 1800s, "Yellow Pear" is still popular for its tender, mild flavored, pear-shaped fruits. Low in acid, it has a sweet lingering flavor. Delicious in salads or pickled.
Winter Squash
Acorn Squash

This winter squash is similar to others - it has an orange flesh, which has a sweet, nutty texture. It can be cooked the same way - baked, boiled, sauteed, and steamed. A common and delicious way to prepare is to stuff with peppers and meat and serve as an entree.

Butternut Squash

This rich, nutty, sweet squash is delicious grilled, toasted, roasted, and pureed. Butternut squash make a delicious soup, bread, and just eaten plain on the side.

Spaghettti Squash

This is the perfect low-carb alternative to pasta! This can be baked, steamed, boiled, and even microwaved. Once it's done, the pretty yellow flesh will fall away in ribbons - that look like spaghetti!